Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Social Media: Facebook Friends Compile Summer Reading List

I have been using social networks a lot lately to keep up with stuff.  A fun exercise started a few days ago when Geoff Livingston used a new question feature on Facebook to ask his network to help him compile a list of recommended books to offer as additional reading on social media for his upcoming book, "Now is Gone."

22595657.jpgHere is the the list of 25+ must-read social media, marketing and PR books. This list was compiled by Chris Abraham, Toby Bloomberg, Eric Eggertson, Susan Getgood, Kami Huyse, Ike Pigott and Geoff Livingston

In addition to listing the authors alphabetically by name, we've linked their blogs or home pages (you can get their books via Amazon, bn.com or any other preferred book seller). Thus, they are designated Great Blogs of Fire, too (fulfilling my weekly round-up column). By all means, comment and add to the list.

Do you have any to add to the list? 

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jonyangorg said...

Thanks for including me in this esteemed list!

Hope your summer goes well.

Jonathan Yang

CRH said...


I am a Strat Comm graduate student at University of Oklahoma -- I am conducting a research proposal on the concept of using social networking in PR. (specifically, myspace, facebook) Do you know of any research or surveys that has been done on this yet? Thanks, Christina