Friday, December 01, 2006

Read and Listen to Coverage from the PRSA Conference

PRSA’s International Conference is over, but if you couldn’t attend, there are a number of bloggers that covered parts of the conference, and Webmaster radio has a series of MP3s of some of the sessions and of some interviews.

And, better yet, all of the information is free!

I was thrilled to hear the entire session with Andrew Heyward, former president of CBS News, who spoke about the changes in the Digital World (MP3) and why PR practitioners should care. Heyward should know since it was in his tenure that 60 Minutes aired the program that about President Bush’s National Guard service using documents that turned out to be falsified. An outcry from bloggers forced CBS to take a closer look at this incident. Heyward talks about his in his keynote.

In the Webmaster radio list, there is also an interview with Katie Payne, who will be in Austin next week to talk about measurement of internal programs. A few of us are driving up togehter to attend and will post something about the meetup on this blog.

Lauren Vargas has a list of some of the better posts from the conference and other resources. I particularly liked Katie Payne’s post about repairing America’s image abroad.

Happy reading and listening!

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