Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Meet National PRSA Chairman Jeff Julin

I’ve got another must-listen podcast for you. Eric Schwartzman hosts the On the Record Online podcast. He recently interviewed PRSA’s 2008 chair, Jeff Julin. In the short interview, Julin talks about the biggest challenges currently facing the PR industry and what he plans to do as PRSA chair.

The interview is the first opportunity for many of us as PRSA members to “meet” Julin who seems quite personable. And I always appreciate Eric’s interview style.


Thanks Eric!

PS. When are you going to give us the behind the scene’s view of the writers’ strike? Are we going to miss out on the Academy Awards this year?

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fran.stephenson said...

This is an insightful look at where our organization might go this year. Jeff's anecdotes about accidentally getting into public relations will no doubt be shared by many of our members. He makes some great observations. I particularly liked his reference to public relations as being a 'team sport".