Monday, January 04, 2010

PRSA National Rolls out New Web Site

Haven’t been to the PRSA National organization’s Web site lately? You will be surprised at what the new site has to offer. The look and feel is fresh, logical and organized. The color palette is fun and engaging. The front page aggregates the latest news and events in a quick timeline, but additional resources are organized by three categories: Learning, Intelligence and Network.

The Learning section gives you additional menus for conferences, awards and other in-person and online opportunities. The Intelligence section pulls together all the abstracts from the association’s publications as well as case studies and research. The Network section has the member directory, chapter listings, firm listings and other tools to find members. I took the new member tools for a spin. Specifically, I reviewed the new “My PRSA” section, which allows you to develop a more comprehensive profile on yourself, including listing your social media addresses, uploading photos and checking in on your discussion groups. A great new feature is called “My Directory.” Search the existing member directory and tag members to build them into your own personalized database. I pulled everyone from our chapter’s board to this list rather than creating my own list this year.

The new Web site also features more articles, more case studies and numerous resources for professionals in all industries, and at every level of professional practice. Check it out and let the PRSA National team know what you think—they have lots more to add to the new place in 2010.