Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Meet SA's Newest News Anchor

Local CBS affiliate, KENS5, introduced its newest news team member, Jeff Vaughn, on January 11 with his first on-air newscast. Much was made of the new anchor joining the team, as he replaced long-time on-air personality Chris Marrou. Jeff has inserted himself firmly into the San Antonio community, visiting favorite local restaurants with his wife and getting a quick education on San Antonio politics, traffic and weather.

Social Media Breakfast San Antonio has invited Jeff to speak at the February breakfast due to his early and consistent involvement in social media. Jeff can be found on Twitter at @JeffVaughn, on Facebook at his public Fan Page, and on his personal site, Jeff Vaughn Media.

Jeff will speak about how social media has changed the way his industry works. He says social media is changing the landscape of news delivery in so many ways. Journalists are now using avenues like Twitter and Facebook as sources for stories, but there also is another layer. Whereas before the relationship you had with a reporter was based on watching , listening or reading - it's now become a two-way conversation. Reporters are interacting directly with their audience, and it's having a significant impact on the development of the story as well as on how the audience interprets it. To quote a Twitter friend of mine, "News is no longer at 5, 6, and 10, IT'S NOW.
Who: Anyone intested in social media and local/national news delivery
How: Go to the Social Media Breakfast SA Invite to register for the breakfast