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PR News Round Up ~ December 14, 2010

From Social Media Examiner
How to Develop a Social Media Content Strategy
Do you have a social media strategy? Does it involve content? Should it? The other day I drove past a local convenience store that makes most of its profit from beer, Slush Puppies and beef jerky (not that there’s anything wrong with that). A big sign out front asked passers-by to Like them on Facebook. “It’s official,” [...] Read the rest of this article...

From Convince and Convert via PR Daily Newsfeed
6 new-fangled social media tools worth discovering
Social media strategist Jay Baer has a quick roundup of new social-media tools that haven’t hit the mainstream yet. All of these tools must meet the same criteria to become household names: Utility is always first — and these meet that requirement. “The torrent of new digital tools and gadgets makes Sharper Image, SkyMall, and Hammacher Schlemmer look like an Amish electronics store,” Baer writes. Of course, we'll see how many of them are around next year at this time. — Claire Celsi Related Harvard Business Review Edelman’s David Armano breaks down six social media trends for 2011. Read story.

From Mr. Public Relations via PR Daily Newsfeed
35 Twitter hashtags for PR pros
As a PR professional looking to extend the reach of your message, it isn’t enough to just talk the talk anymore. You’d better be able to tweet it, too. And perhaps one of the easiest ways to take advantage of the Twitterverse is through hashtags. But are you using the right ones? If you’re not sure, here’s a list from the blog Mr. Public Relations of 35 every PR pro should know. So now lets all say #Thankyou, Mr. Public Relations. Read story.

From Social Media Examiner
26 tips to spice up your Facebook page
Have you made Facebook an integral part of your communications strategy? If so, you married to a beast that needs constant tending and feeding. Can be a bit of a pain, can’t it? Social Media Examiner offers 26 ways to help you take care of the beast. Read story.

From All Facebook via PR Daily Newsfeed
11 Facebook pages PR pros should follow
This list from All Facebook blog features 10 pages; Ragan Communications’ Facebook page is not among them. That’s No. 11. Here’s the link. Take a look at the rest.

From PR Fuel via PR Daily Newsfeed
10 directories to list your blog
We all want to grow the visibility of our blog. A directory is a great way to help. Mickie Kennedy at PR Fuel has come up with his 10 best blog directories to help you increase your blog’s exposure. — Matthew Royse Read story.

From Higher & Higher via PR Daily Newsfeed
13 Twitter chats every PR pro should follow
“PR chats on Twitter are a helpful way to connect and communicate with PR specialists from all around the world, to build relationships and personal network, to meet new [and] interesting people, and to learn the current tendencies in the field,” Bulgarian PR pro Petya Georgieva writes on her blog. She summarized 13 PR chats every pro should consider following. — Jody Koehler Read story.

From Social Media Examiner
21 Ways Non-Profits Can Leverage Social Media
Like their for-profit brethren, many non-profits understand that using social media can help them reach and engage their audience, create momentum and build community. However, there’s uncertainty around how to create a sustainable social media campaign, although the tools are plentiful and often free. Here are 21 ways non-profits can leverage social media: #1: Use a blog to [...] Read article

From Tripwire Magazine via PR Daily Newsfeed
30 e-mail newsletter designs to inspire you
Thinking about redesigning your e-newsletter — or maybe launching one? Might be a good idea. “Many Internet marketers consider e-mail list building one of the most important elements of making business online,” Dustin Betonio wrote for Tripwire Magazine. “Reason is that once you have a large list of targeted subscribers you can generate traffic yourself and this means your business is less vulnerable to changes in Google rating algorithms.” Take your inspiration from these 30 e-newsletter designs, Betonio advised. Read article

From PR Daily
57 lessons and tips about PR agency life
What was life like when you couldn’t share lessons and tips as easily as you can today? I’m glad those days are behind us because we wouldn’t be able to collectively learn as much as we can today. Here are two great examples. The blog renaissance chambara has 27 lessons from agency life; Earlin’ PR Abuse has 30 ways to survive and thrive in PR. Together, they add up to 57 lessons and tips. Enjoy! — Adam Vincenzini Read story.

From The Comms Corner via PR Daily Newsfeed
11 (mostly) FREE social media tools to try in 2011
Adam Vincenzini, PR Daily Europe’s contributing editor, has spent the last few months testing social media tools. He created this list of the tools he plans to use next year. Best part is all of them are either free or offer a free version. Read story.

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