Thursday, May 05, 2011

PR News Round Up ~ May 5, 2011

From PR Daily News Feed
The 5 most widely circulated newspapers in America
The Audit Bureau of Circulation released its newly revised audit, and it includes a significant change in the way circulation is measured. Read more.

From PR Daily News Feed
Is NPR unclear about the definition of public relations?
The network is airing a monthlong series on PR. So, why is its latest installment about ad campaigns that are directed at Asian-American audiences? Read story.

From Ragan's Daily Headlines
Can you really measure a speech?
By Angela Sinickas
Did your speech impact your audience? Three ways to find out. Read story.

From PR Daily News Feed
Students: The 9 things that matter more than GPA
Sure, your grades are important, but once you graduate and hit the office, these skills far outweigh your grade from stats class. Read story.

From PR Daily News Feed
6 alternatives to sending a press release
Instead of blasting a release to the media, trying winning coverage with one of these techniques. Read story.

From PR Daily News Feed
10 useful and inspiring websites for writers
You know about Grammar Girl and Copyblogger, but are you checking out these lesser-known destinations for wordsmiths? Read story.

From PR Daily News Feed
The 8 reasons I love #Twitterchats—and why you should, too
Three benefits, four tips, and one indispensible chart about Twitter chats. Read story.

From PR Daily News Feed
The 10 hottest magazines, according to Adweek
How many editors and contributors do you know at each publication? Read story.

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