Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Nora Frost's Top Ten List

At Last Thursday's PRSA February Luncheon, comedian and PR professional Nora Frost shared her take on the top ten list. Here it is for you to enjoy.

Top Ten Signs You're in PR

10. You enjoy yelling, "IT'S IN THE PRESS RELEASE! READ THE PRESS RELEASE!" internally... several times a day.

9. Well... what does the client want no. 9 to say?

8. You are very loyal to your job... pretty much because you can't get one anywhere else.

7. You start a fantasy press conference league.

6. Your family still doesn't understand what you do.

5. You still don't understand what you do.

4. You'd be more of a people person if you didn't have to relate to them so much.

3. You've told a journalist, "Eh... ethics is for politicians."

2. One man's tchotchke is another man's door prize.

1. You used to be a journalist.

What's in your top ten list?

Nora Frost is the principal of Dos Culturas, a bilingual, multicultural public relations firm. She has often been seen doing stand-up comedy in San Antonio, too. She can be reached at nora@dosculturas.com.

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