Friday, February 24, 2006

Knowledge Workers Get Connected Today not Tomorrow!

An exciting tool has arrived for creative professionals. Well, not really new but it is fast and convenient. Changing content at the quick of a button is invaluable. Of course, wikis don't work everyone. There are some interdisciplinary challenges that arise from its use.

For example, wikis are used best for structured information; however, it may not be an invaluable tool for the creation of new ideas. The idea of wikis is not new, just an enhanced technology whose main design is to develop a workable flow of ideas, ie. promotion of communicationn interchange. Wikis encourage professionals to share their viewpoints and receive feedback on processes. There are very easy templates to use that will help with the navigation of this great tool.

Finally, it can be used for small group cooperation, knowledge management, individual psychology, societal norms and behaviors, and management skills and technical design.
Essentially, wikis are the old way we used to do focus groups and now with the advent of technology, we have taken this one step further to involve management strategies and processes.

What a neat tool?

By Erica Taylor

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