Friday, February 24, 2006

Tips for PR Toddlers

I found a post by Blake Barbera about Guy Kawasaki’s blog. Blake reports that Guy is one of the original employees responsible for marketing the Mac when it was launched. Guy’s blog contains lots of tips like How to Become a More Effective Emailer, The Art of Schmoozing, How to Kick Butt On a Panel, How to Get a Standing Ovation, and The Art of Execution. Guy’s writing style is entertaining and informative. I will be sharing some of his suggestions around the office. Naturally, the fact that he is a Mac Guru makes him highly credible in my opinion.

The wet feet pr blog by the way focuses on “an ongoing look into public relations from an entry level standpoint.” I was first drawn to it because of a post encouraging PR pros to use blogging to mentor PR students as is occurring at SMU. Perhaps something we should consider once we’ve gotten our own feet wet.

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