Monday, March 06, 2006

407 PR Blogs Worldwide

Blogs on the topic of PR are on the rise. Constantin Basturea, who is a keeper of the "official" PR blog lists reports an addition of 55 new PR feeds in the month of February alone, bringing the total number of PR feeds to 407, an increase of 9 percent over January.

(Note: For you math majors, I am aware that the math doesn’t quite work, I am in the process of clarifying the numbers with Constantin).

I am running a friendly competition at Communication Overtones to predict the number of PR feeds at the end of 2006. The person that comes the closest without going over will win a fabulous prize.

I recommend you visit Constantin’s list of new PR blogs and visit a handful of these new sites. If one or two strikes your fancy, add them to your personalized news page at MyYahoo, MyMSN, Google's personalized home page or other feed readers to which you might already be subscribed.

I added the Publicity Hound to mine, which I keep at MyYahoo. A couple of the posts that I found interesting there:

What are some of the sites you liked from the new list and why?


alan weinkrantz said...

Do you have an email address? Nowhere to be found on your blog....

Alan Weinkrantz

Kami Huyse, APR said...

I do, it is kamichat (at)

I have also (finally) added it to my profile. I have been blogging for about five months and didn't because of excessive spam, and it seems those that wanted to contact me directly always found it.

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