Monday, March 13, 2006

PR Pros Benefit from Forward Thinking

This morning in the Daily Dog, Jeremy Pepper points us Forward.

Started by Auburn student Erin Caldwell, the Web site is part blog, part webzine, and is aimed at young PR pros.

Erin is also looking for contributors for the site, including occasional guest contributors, and seasoned principal contributors and entry-level associate contributors that will post at least once a week.

She also opened the site to Forward investors who will engage in communication through comments and contribute and link to its content. She doesn’t say anything about money, but I am sure that will come in time ;-)

The site, which started on March 10th, already includes about ten posts from a number of different authors, including a post about basic RSS and choosing a feed reader, a fun piece about qualifiers (or what the author calls weasel words), plus much more.

Visit Forward and leave a comment or two, and if you have a great post for young PR pros, ask Erin to republish it at Forward or better yet, become a regular contributor.

First published in Communication Overtones.

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