Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Online Tutorial Introduces You to Social Media

Capture the Conversation has posted on their web site a set of tutorials that are really cool. If you’re waiting for someone to show you how, you can stop waiting. These tutorials range from about three minutes to 10 and give you basic info on how to use a particular tool and why.

Here are the topics they’ve created tutorials for:
  • How to Post a Comment on Blogs
  • Receiving Blog Trackbacks
  • Setting Up a Blog Using Blogger
  • Setting Up Feedburner
  • Submitting your RSS Feed to Syndication Services
  • How to Subscribe to a Podcast Using iTunes
  • Setting Up a Del.icio.us Account
  • Setting Up Newsgator
  • Subscribing to a Blog via RSS Feed
  • Setting Up a Technorati Account
Check it out!


Jason Cormier said...

Christie, thanks for your plug on theCapture the Conversation social media video tutorials. We are eager to build on to this library, and are now employing a strategy to launch these videos through YouTube and Google Video. Kind of a means of using social media tools to distribute social media tools!

Brian Solis said...

Hey Christie, great post! Thanks for sharing with the community...