Thursday, January 11, 2007

Man Bites Dog: Get Weekly Reports of the Top U.S. News Stories

If you’re interested in monitoring the news, here’s a great resource for you. This week, the Project for Excellence in Journalism launched a weekly New Coverage Index that reports which stories got the most coverage in the United States from more than 40 media outlets, including print, network television, cable, online and radio.

According to the index, last week’s top news story was Nancy Pelosi's swearing in as the first female Speaker of the House. Other top stories were Gerald Ford's funeral, the policy debate in Iraq, and Saddam Hussein’s hanging.

Each report though, comes with an impressive analysis and details by media channel. What’s really cool is you can sign up to have the index sent to you by RSS feed or by e-mail each week. You can also see the list of top 10 stories by percent for each medium.

The web site announces that there is even more to come:

“In the weeks that follow, PEJ will also unveil a series of secondary indices, including People in the News; a Talk Show Index from cable and radio programming; and a Blogger Index examining the content of the blogosphere and analyzing how it compares with that of the mainstream media.”

I wish the Tyndall Report provided RSS feeds too! (Since 1987, Tyndall has been monitoring coverage by U.S. nightly newscasts.)

If you are participating in our assignments to “Learn About Social Media from Your Desk,” the News Coverage Index could be one of the three RSS feeds in your homework assignment.

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