Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sizzlin’ Summer Session for Members

Every year, just prior to the last day of school, I ask my son to write down the five things he “must” do this summer. Two years ago, his list included having a community picnic with our neighbors up at Inks Lake, making a trebuchet with his dad, and going out to breakfast on a Saturday.

This year, we’ve been so busy, we haven’t yet had time to sit down and make the list, but it occurred to me that this would be a great thing to do from a professional standpoint. But don’t despair that you’ve got to compile the list all by yourself, or that you will be forced to go canoeing with my family this summer. The board of the San Antonio chapter is one step ahead of you.

We’re calling it “Summer Session” because, if you’ve ever taken a class at summer school, you know that you want the “light” version in which you don’t have to think too much.

Here’s what we’re cooking up in this summer session for PRSA members:

Sizzlin’ New Skills
is a feature in which members who have transitioned into the field will share things that surprised them or for which they were unprepared.

Lessons Learned – based on the very comical topic which Monica Faulkenbery, APR, used in her Del Oro award speech, you’ll hear from professionals on what to do AND NOT DO!

Bright and Shiny Things
– Here is where you will get the inside scoop on the members who were awarded La Platas or El Bronces, and find out what made them enter that campaign or tactic….just in time to start measuring your results for next year.

Try This will be a section about new tools for our profession.

Summer Session begins Tuesday June 23 and will be “in session” for ten weeks, every Tuesday and Thursday.

Wait for the bell!