Friday, September 03, 2010

PR News Round Up ~ September 3, 2010

AP announces editorial guidelines for credit and attribution

From The Power of Presence via PR Daily Newsfeed
13-point checklist for social media releases
Social media press releases are becoming more commonplace. To make sure that you have all the elements needed to create one, Dna13’s Amanda Laird put together this 13-point checklist. — Matthew Royse Related PR Daily Want more? Check out the audio recording of a best-selling PR Daily webinar, How to produce a social media news release. Read story.

From Brooke Nolan's Blog via PR Daily Newsfeed
8 tips for using photography in your PR campaigns
PR pro Brook Nolan shares her thoughts on how you could double your coverage via photography, including this nugget: Do you even need a press release? “Perhaps you don’t even need to bother writing a story to go along with images,” she says. “Great exposure can be [won] through an image alone. Without sounding too corny ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ and all that. Send pictures with a simple photo caption and short paragraph outlining the story — this works especially well for the ‘social’ pages in magazines. Read more.

Don't confuse traffic with engagement
Viral content can generate huge traffic boosts -- but that's not necessarily the same as generating real engagement, writes Matt Owen. Many visitors are simply surfing aimlessly without any real interest in your offerings, Owen argues, and it's only by actively participating in conversations that you'll be able to sort the wheat from the chaff. "Rather than monitoring how many customers you have, watch what they are saying," he adds. (8/26) Read more.

From Webbiquity via PR Daily Newsfeed
The best social media and PR resources of the year
Get your bookmark button ready. Online marketing exec Tom Pick selected a batch of useful posts that PR pros will cherish. Included in his 2010 “best of” compilation is some great advice from Chris Brogan about blogger outreach. These are resources you'll come back to again and again. Read more.

From If Only Blog via PR Daily Newsfeed
9 tools to help understand your audience's social media behavior
We're all trying to find ways to prove to clients that we really do know what we're talking about. Richard Pentin at If Only Blog pulled together the latest stats to provide an overview of the essential tools for understanding customers’ social media behavior. At the very least you can wow your co-workers with your statistical knowledge. — Beth Carroll, contributor to PR Daily Europe Read more.

From Social Media Monitoring Wiki via PR Daily Newsfeed
Check out this collection of social media monitoring solutions
Are you looking to find the one-stop shop for monitoring social media conversations? Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist yet. However, there is a one-stop shop for the overwhelming high number of social media monitoring solutions. Based on your organization’s budget or specific goals, hopefully this wiki will help you find one that works for you. — Matthew Royse Read more.