Thursday, September 09, 2010

PR News Round Up ~ September 9, 2010

From PR Tactics
In Memoriam: John R. Beardsley, APR, Past PRSA President
John R. Beardsley, APR, retired CEO of Minneapolis-based communications firm Padilla Speer Beardsley, died Thursday night from complications following heart surgery. He was 73. Read story.

From The Lead Blog by Matt Kucharski
Everything's Dead But The Future -- Fitting Epitaph for John Beardsley
My mentor, inspiration and friend John Beardsley, Padilla Speer Beardsley's former CEO, died Thursday evening after complications from heart surgery. He was 73, and he wasn't ready to go. Too many truths left to discover, too many ideas left to share. It was an honor to be one he shared them with, and like the others, I'm a better professional and person for it. Read story.

From The Next Web via PR Daily Newsfeed
AP begins crediting bloggers as news sources
It’s a huge step with huge implications, although Lauren Fisher writes on The Next Web that it’s too soon to tell how bloggers will affect the news agenda. “We’ve already seen some developments in this area, such as publishers employing bloggers on the ground, but I think this goes one further than that,” she writes. “The announcement has served to recognize the work that bloggers put into breaking and reporting stories.” It’s also not clear what the blogger attribution will look like. We’ll be keeping an eye on this one. — Susan Young Read story.

From PR Fuel via PR Daily Newsfeed
Tips for including video in your press releases
A PRWeb study last year found that 94 percent of PR pros see value in including videos in press releases; however, only a handful of respondents had actually tried it. Want to join this exclusive crew? PR Fuel offered tips for including video in your next press release. Read story.

From MarketingProfs via PR Daily Newsfeed
4 reasons content can help build relationships
We all know that content is king. When you come across great content, do you share it? I do through my contributions to PR Daily, Twitter, and my blog, and I bet you do, too. Maria Pegolino, director of marketing at Marketo, shares four reasons why content is one of the most important factors in building relationships. — Matthew Royse Read story.

From MediaPost Communications/Online Media Daily via SmartBrief on Social Media
Study: Social networks change the way people behave
Researchers at MIT have found evidence that social networks can have a profound effect on the way people live their lives. The study showed that the structure of networks influenced the way people signed up for a health forum, offering insights that could also hold hints for marketers. "It's easy to see how a cluster of connected networks or communities could facilitate the spread of a new product adoption," notes Laurie Sullivan. (9/7) Read story.

From via SmartBrief on Social Media
60 ways to become more influential online
At a recent event, 60 social-media experts tried to condense all they knew about boosting digital influence into a one-minute-long talk. Their top tips included the importance of picking the right partners, listening before speaking, and mapping your social-media strategy onto your business' existing goals. (9/8) Read story.