Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Magic of Article Marketing

Robert Deigh of RDC Communication presented a session at the PRSA’s 2010 International Conference where he showcased a new tool for our communication arsenals. “Article marketing” is the placement of short articles on topic-specific websites that are looking for good content and then promoting them using Internet-based and traditional media.

This strategy, he says, can be beneficial for putting your expertise in front of millions of people, for getting you a higher ranking in Internet browser searches, and providing another value-added service you can offer to your organization or your clients. And best of all, it requires minimal time at almost no cost.

The process involves writing a short article (500 to 800 words) on any topic, posting it on the most appropriate web sites that accept articles and promote your work in all of your communication. The article can be new or repurposed from a speech, newsletter article, white paper or existing content on your website.

Robert explains: “The best article marketing web sites -- the ones that people read and take articles from – actually have people who review and edit the articles if necessary! They have a reputation for quality. The lesser sites will publish almost anything as long as it is not offensive.”

Another tip he shared is that these same article sites are a great source of free articles (written by other people) on any topic for your website or your clients’ websites.

Robert is the author of How Come No One Knows About Us?

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