Thursday, January 27, 2011

Meet the new PRSA CEO & Chair Rosanna Fiske, APR

PRSA's new CEO & Chair, Rosanna Fiske, APR, was interviewed for Eric Schwartzman’s excellent On the Record Online podcast by guest host, Sandra Burrowes, to outline ways PRSA will support PR professionals in 2011. You can listen to the podcast interview here.

Also, in case you missed it, she Rosana sent the following letter by email to the national member listserv.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

As we begin 2011, I wanted to update you about an important process we undertook last year — the research and development of the PRSA 2011-13 Strategic Plan — which we are unveiling to members and the broader profession as part of a special PRSAY blog post today.

I would like to give you some background about the process that went into developing this important strategic plan. I also feel it’s important to thank each and every one of you, as without your leadership and guidance within PRSA, our organization could not fulfill its mission of advancing the profession and the professional, nor would it be as strong an advocate for the value of public relations.

Last year as chair-elect, I had the honor of leading PRSA’s strategic-planning process, a process that takes place every three years. We began with a review of the competitive landscape, looking at the varying opportunities members have to support their careers through different educational and professional-development channels. Along with Bill Murray, CAE, PRSA president and COO, I led discussion roundtables in five cities across the United States, specifically targeting senior professionals to better understand their needs and gain valuable insights on the profession’s future as a whole.

As our findings began to crystallize, I presented highlights to the 2010 Leadership Assembly in Washington, D.C., and later, distributed a survey to our leadership to confirm that we were on the right course.

Input from these opportunities was collected and incorporated into the final document, which was approved by the PRSA Board of Directors in its last meeting of 2010. I encourage you to take a few minutes and read the PRSA 2011-13 Strategic Plan. I invite you to review the full plan, as well as read the blog post on PRSAY that describes its goals and objectives, and how it will position PRSA for future success and growth.

In the meantime, I invite each of you to let me know your thoughts, questions or concerns about the PRSA 2011-13 Strategic Plan.

I look forward to working with many of you throughout the year to help make PRSA a strong and successful professional resource for our members and the profession.

Rosanna M. Fiske, APR
PRSA Chair and CEO

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