Tuesday, January 18, 2011

PR News Round-Up ~ January 18, 2011

From Ragan’s Daily Headlines
PR In Your Pajamas
10 ways to repurpose your media coverage
So you just scored some great media coverage for your client or your company. Now what? How do you give that coverage some real shelf life? PR pro Elena Verlee offers 10 tips on helping you move beyond just clipping them and sticking them into your media kit. Great advice. — Matthew Royse. Read story.

From Socialmedia.biz via Ragan’s Daily Headlines
Top 20 social media monitoring companies
A big question among PR professional is which social media monitoring vendor is the best fit — for the services provided and the price. J.D. Lasica and Kim Bale at Socialmedia.biz sought to answer that question with this list of the top 20 social media monitoring companies. The list includes 10 lower-priced options for nonprofits. Take a look. Read story.

From Ragan.com
7 things you need to know about mobile communication
The consensus is that mobile will be the communication trend of 2011. “Everybody has to get into mobile communication,” Shel Holtz, of Holtz Communication, told Ragan.com. “If you’re not developing a strategy now, you’re late.” Are you prepared? Ragan.com’s Matt Wilson compiled seven tips for reaching your audience with mobile devices. Read story.

From BurrellesLuce
Common misconceptions to know before pitching bloggers
PR, meet BR – blogger relations. It’s the latest addition to the ever-expanding list of necessities for the corporate world as companies dive deeper into social media. Your audience, consumers and reporters, read blogs, so you need to reach out to them. But before you go pitching a blogger, check out BurrellesLuce's list of common misconceptions about blogger relations. Read story.

From Ragan’s Daily Headlines
10 alternatives to sending a press release
By Heather Whaling
Choosing the right medium for your message requires understanding the content and your audience. Consider these possibilities. Read story.

From Reuters via Regan’s PR Daily Newsfeed
Magazine sales up for first time since 2007
Good news for one segment of the publishing world. Last year, the U.S. magazine industry saw a 3 percent increase in ad revenue, equivalent to $20 billion, according to rate cards compiled by the Publishing Information Bureau. It marked the first increase in ad revenue in three years. Reuters said People magazine pulled in the most revenue with $1 billion. Auto advertisements represented the largest rebound in magazine ad sales. Meanwhile, newspapers continue to struggle for positive ad revenue, according to Reuters. Read story.

From SmartBrief on Social Media
How the National Wildlife Federation measures social success
The National Wildlife Federation's approach to monitoring social media evolved as its social media presence developed, says Danielle Brigida, the organization's digital marketing manager. Brigida says she began by manually tracking social media mentions, but soon switched to a combination of services including Thrive, SocialMention and IceRocket. Using a variety of measurement tools allows Brigida to gauge the organization's reach and gain a sense of the ways in which users are engaging with their content, which can help the organization better allocate its resources, she says. SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Social Media (1/12) Read story.

From The Huffington Post via SmartBrief on Social Media
Social tools help marketers reach Hispanic shoppers
Marketers have a golden opportunity to reach out to Hispanic consumers via social sites, Joe Kutchera says. Hispanics are flocking to social media faster than any other demographic, and they're often attracted by tailored campaigns that acknowledge their needs and their heritage. "Social media is often the gateway to Hispanics. ... Marketers need to address what content on their websites is helpful to their Hispanic consumers," Kutchera says. (1/6) Read story.

From Ragan’s Daily Headlines
13 ways to keep your pitch from getting deleted
By Jeremy Porter
Follow these tips and you’re sure to get better results the next time you pitch a reporter via e-mail. Read story.

From PaidContent.org via SmartBrief on Social Media
Court upholds copyright on images posted to TwitPic
A federal judge has ruled that the Agence France-Presse news agency violated copyright by reprinting, without permission, a photo posted to Twitter via TwitPic. Other news agencies also used Daniel Morel's Haiti earthquake photos without paying him, even though his Twitter feed mentioned that they were available for purchase. The judge struck down AFP's argument that TwitPics images can be considered public domain. Read story.

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