Saturday, June 17, 2006

PRSA Counselor’s Academy New Blog Needs a New Name

The PRSA Counselor’s Academy has launched a blog. It states that it is for PRSA's Counselors Academy “members to share ideas, read best practices, comment about the public relations industry and learn from each other.” There are 10 bloggers listed as contributors. From what I can tell, the first post was May 22.

What great news that national PRSA has finally joined the conversation! I’m tired of hearing how PRSA is lagging behind the times even though our chapter and maybe others already have PRSA-related blogs. Also, I’ve heard from Kami that at least one other PRSA blog may be in the works.

Interestingly, I didn’t hear anything about the new CA blog from PRSA. Of course not being a member of the Counselor’s Academy could by why. Once I learned about it from someone else, I had trouble finding it on the PRSA web site. But I’m sure that’ll be fixed.

The name of the new Counselor’s Academy blog is “For Immediate Release.” Problem is, that name is already taken – and not by just anybody, but by one of world’s most famous PR and communication podcasts/blogs. Seems like a quick search of other PR blogs would have kept this snafu from happening.

Sheville’s For Immediate Release got there first, perhaps the Counselor’s Academy may have to rethink the name. Otherwise they’ll be breaking one of the 7 C’s of communication.

They probably won’t change it. But just in case, here are some suggestions I’ve come up with:

  • No Embargo
  • Spin-Free Zone
  • Limelight
  • Stop the Presses
  • The Buzz
  • PR Counselor
  • Feedback Loop

“Byline” is good, but you can’t have that one. It’s ours.

If you want to help the Counselor’s Academy think of a new name, leave your suggestions under comments. And if you want to grab one of these names for yourself, help yourself. Royalties can be sent directly to me.

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Kami Huyse, APR said...

It seems that there is a person or two in the contributors that should know this. They should change it.

I will post later today with a list of all the PRSA and IABC blogs that I know about.