Friday, June 02, 2006

Resources on Blogging

I’ve come across several really good resources on blogging, particularly related to use by businesses and organizations. Here are profiles of two of them. They are available in PDF.

Resource: "To Blog or Not to Blog"

Jeneane Sessum of the Content Factor provides this white paper that outlines the basics – and more – on corporate blogging. The full title is: To Blog or Not to Blog: How businesses can get closer to their markets through blogging. It details 10 rules for “starting your corporate blogging off right.” Sample rules include “Don’t use your own blog to sing the praises of your company” and “Comments – tread carefully.” This 17-page document includes an excellent three-page list of resources on corporate blogging.


  • “A sure way to drive readers away is to write a blog using a corporate voice rather than the discernible, unmistakable voice of a human being.” (pg. 4)
  • “It is as important to be a good ‘listener’ of a blog as it is to be an interesting blogger.” (pg. 9)
  • “Start slowly. Read extensively. Post frequently. Link liberally.” (pg. 14)

Resource: "Introduction to Blogs"

The full title is: Introduction to Blogs: A quick guide to understanding and maximizing communication efforts in the blogosphere. This five-page document by Bacon’s Information Inc., discusses four reasons blogs have gained popularity, four general types of blogs, tips for working with blog writers, tips for monitoring the blogosphere, and tips using blogs as a marketing tool. While not being as comprehensive as some of the other resources I’ve found, this is a quick-read and good as an introduction (as the title indicates).


  • “In a recent survey, people were asked to indicate their reasons
    for reading blogs. The top three reasons were: ‘news I can’t find elsewhere,’ ‘a
    better perspective’ and ‘faster news.’” (pg. 2)
  • “Blogs can create a direct outlet between a company and its
    target consumers.” (pg 5)

I will be adding other resources to this list soon. What resources have you found useful?

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