Friday, May 25, 2007

Six Steps to Effectively Measure PR

I just got back from Los Angeles from the PRSA Travel and Tourism Conference where I served on a panel about public relations measurement with Katie Paine, of KDPaine & Partners and Cara Schneider, of Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing.

The session was moderated by Donna O’Daniels of the St. Tammany Parish Tourist Commission.

Afterward, I asked Katie to outline her Super Six Steps to Effective PR Measurement so that I could share them here, and she kindly obliged.

Super Six Steps to Effective PR Measurement

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  1. Define your objective(s)
  2. Define your audience(s)
  3. Define the metrics you will use
  4. Benchmark this against yourself or your competition
  5. Pick your measurement tool
  6. Analyze the results

The one that I find most critical is step number one. Too often the public relations campaign goal is media clips rather than business goals, like building relationships with key stakeholders, or driving sales. The question should be, “what keeps your big boss up at night?” And helping to drive that objective, whatever it is in your industry or organization, should be the focus.

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Anonymous said...

May I suggest you look into Dr Tom Watson's (Bournemouth University)blog,,
where evaluation is the primary topic. Tom is also the co-author of a text book on public relatins evaluation. Donald Alexander,Senior lecturer PR&Organisational Communication Charles Sturt University, Bathurst, Australia.