Monday, May 28, 2007

Other Communications-Related Podcasts to Try Out

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One of the difficult things about podcasts right now, is how hard it can be to find good ones. It doesn’t mean they aren’t out there. But there are soooo many that just don’t scratch your itch.

In an earlier post, I suggested some communications and PR focused podcasts to try out (see "PR and Communications-Related Podcasts" and "Sampling a Short Podcast"). Here are some more.

Across the Sound Podcast
by Joseph Jaffe

The Client Side Podcast
By Michael Seaton

Managing the Gray
By C.C. Chapman

Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast
By Mitch Joel

By Phil Gomes of Edelman PR

Better Communications
By Lee Hopkins

Better Desirable Roasted Communications Cafe
By Lee Hopkins and Allan Jenkins

PRWeek Podcasts

Forward: For new and upcoming PR professionals


Michael Seaton said...

Thanks for the mention on the list - some very good company you have put me with!

Lee Hopkins said...

Oh come on, Michael -- you deserve to be up there with me and Jenkins! {huge grin}.

Seriously, thanks for putting this list together - very impressive!

Christie Goodman, APR said...

Hopefully you guys will get a couple of more listeners from this -- in addition to me that is.

Thanks for the care you to put into your podcasts!

Christie (from Sunny San Antonio in the friendly state of Texas)