Wednesday, June 02, 2010

PR News Round Up - June 2, 2010

From Mashable
42 new guidelines for social media added to AP Stylebook
Not sure how to correctly write acronyms and phrases related to social media? The AP Stylebook has you covered. Mashable reported this morning that the Associated Press released new social media guidelines, which includes 42 definitions, use cases, and rules for writers to follow. “Among the more interesting changes — at least from a grammar and style standpoint — are separating out ‘smart phone’ as two words, hyphenating ‘e-reader,’ and allowing fan, friend, and follow to be used both as nouns and verbs,” according to Mashable. Read story. Read the guidelines.

From Reuters
BP taps former Department of Energy PR chief as its new spokesman
Over the weekend, the oil company announced that it hired Anne Kolton, the former head of public affairs at the Department of Energy and one-time aide to Vice President Dick Cheney, as its chief of U.S. media relations. As you might imagine, the PR team at BP is a bit … overworked. “BP's media team has been overwhelmed by press and public attention since the Deepwater Horizon rig … The company has flown in staff from London to help deal with media requests, but has also been forced to put its media hotline on voicemail to process the many calls — some abusive — that come in,” reports Reuters. Related Hullabaloo One blogger thinks the hiring of Kolton is a bad PR move. “They think they can do anything if they have the right public relations — but they can't even do that right,” he wrote. More

From iHealthBeat
4 hot summer trends in healthcare social media
Are you keeping an eye on what’s happening in healthcare social media? It’s a lot to wrap your brain around, from HIPAA regulations to the latest techniques for Flip cams. But there are four other trends you should be paying attention to. Here is one: Engaging e-patients. “E-patients can provide feedback not only on improving hospital websites, but also as participants in quality improvement within the health system,” iHealthBeat says. Read story.

From Bulldog Reporter
Video interview: Todd Dezen- March of Dimes and D S Simon Productions Win Big Apple Award
Doug Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions spoke to Todd Dezen, Associate Director, National Media Relations, March of Dimes about how winning the PRSA-NY Big Apple Award for Use of Broadcast, can serve as a platform to help March of Dimes combat premature births. See short video interview. Read post.

From Mashable
More than 90 social media resources
This list is like the Library of Congress for social media advice — or at the very least it’s like a really big Barnes & Noble. Read story.

From PRNewser
PRWeek publisher calls it quits at magazine
Julia Hood, the publishing director and former editor-in-chief of PRWeek, is leaving the magazine to become president of the Arthur W. Page Society, a professional organization for chief communications officers, reports PRNewser. Read story.