Tuesday, June 29, 2010

PR News Round-Up – June 29, 2010

From BusinessWired via Ragan’s PR Daily
4 reasons your press releases won’t make Google News
A worthy argument against the “die, press release, die” crowd is search engine optimization — press releases help drive a brand’s Google ranking. But what if your press releases aren’t appearing on Google News? BusinessWired blog, a part of Business Wire, offered four reasons why this might happen and how you can fix it. Read more.

From Bulldog Reporter's Daily Dog
Highlights from the PRSA Counselors Academy 2010
BurrellesLuce's Johna Burke interviews Tom Gable, APR, Fellow PRSA, CEO Gable PR, LLC, who discusses key takeaways from his presentation on strategies for agency success. View video.

From Richard Edelman’s 6 A.M. blog
The Third Way--Public Engagement
I am speaking this morning at Edelman’s fourth New Media Academic Summit, jointly hosted by New York University and Syracuse University, attended by more than 100 professors from 10 countries. My bold assertion is that there is a Third Way for companies to communicate, beyond paid and earned media, by embracing Public Engagement. Read more.

From Fast Company via Ragan’s PR Daily
New study says social media triggers ‘generosity-trust’ chemical in our brains
Looking for ways to justify social media to your boss? Now, you have science on your side. A Fast Company article describes how a neuroeconomist has discovered — for the first time — that the chemical oxytocin in our brains, which is responsible for empathy, generosity, and trust — can be increased simply by tweeting! Yes, folks, you have to read the story — it sounds too good to be true. — Matthew Royse. Read more.

From Communications Conversations via Ragan’s PR Daily
The people have spoken: Winners feted for PR Readers’ Choice awards
On Friday, PR pro Arik Hanson announced the winners of his 2nd annual Readers’ Choice awards for PR blogs. The big winner: Chicago-based PR pro Gini Dietrich. Her blog, F.A.D.S. (The Fight Against Destructive Spin), won the award for PR Blog of the Year. Check out the other winners. Read more.

By Bill Sweetland via Ragan’s PR Daily
7 ways to stop CEOs from boring the audience
How to bring out your executive's human side. Read more.

From PRNewser via Ragan’s PR Daily
Survey: Majority of people place more trust in companies with Twitter feeds
Need to sell Twitter to upper management? Here’s a compelling case for it. According to the 2010 Digital Influence Index, a seven-country survey of 4,243 people by Fleishman-Hillard and Harris Interactive, “75 percent of people surveyed said they view companies that [tweet or post status updates to Facebook] as more deserving of their trust than those that do not,” according to the survey. Read more.

By Adam Holden-Bache
7 More B2B Social Media Tools You Haven’t Heard Of
Read story.

From Public Relations Matters via Ragan’s PR Daily
5 ways to stay current on PR trends and news Read more.
You’re busy. You hang out with your family and friends and think, “How do I have time for a fulltime job?” Then you’re back at work thinking, “How do I have time for family and friends?” In this environment, staying on top of industry news and trends often hits the backburner. But there are ways to stay current without investing too much time, says PR professor Barbara Nixon. She offered five suggestions. (One way is to subscribe to PR Daily. Definitely agree with that.) Read more.

From Ragan.com
Vocus buys Help A Reporter Out: What can subscribers expect?
Don’t worry, subscribers to Help A Reporter Out (HARO), nothing is going to change. On Thursday (6/10), PR software-maker Vocus bought HARO, and the question bouncing around Twitter was how the acquisition will affect the free service. “There will be absolutely no difference,” HARO founder Peter Shankman told Ragan.com. “I’m still running HARO; the editors are still running HARO. And we will never charge—it will still be free.” Read more.