Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Controversy Over VNRs Continue

A new research study called Fake TV News was released last week by the Center for Media and Democracy taking aim at the Video News Release, a product used by public relations organizations to get the word out on television news.

The study followed 36 video news releases (watch them all here) and analyzed how they were used by media newsrooms. To say the least, the report was extremely biased, using phrasing that implies wongdoing and discounts any value of the VNR medium.

The Public Relations Society of America’s advocacy committee responded by making its board members available for comment and by sending a letter to the FCC, which also included a response to comments by Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin, who last week told publishers at the Newspaper Association of America's (NAA) annual convention that he is committed to overturning a ban on same-market cross-ownership.

(More analysis on original post at Communication Overtones)

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