Sunday, April 23, 2006

Starting Out

When a person enters college as a freshman, whether it be at a 2 year community college or a 4 year university, it can be very daunting. Even more daunting if you are a non-traditional student. You enter not quite knowing what you want to major in, you just know it is time to make a change in your life. It is said that, 'admitting changes need to be made, is the first step to anything.'

I realized after three semesters at San Antonio College that I wanted my major to be Communication. It was not until transferring, to the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), that I realized I wanted my concentration to be Public Relations, later deciding to add Technical Communication with it.

I am excited that I chose these concentrations because they are beginning to open up doors. Besides contributing here I have recently been elected President of the UTSA Chapter of PRSSA for 2006-2007. I was actually blessed because I will be working with some really great individuals whom I have worked with previously on school projects, etc. One of those is my Vice President Cynthia Hokanson. We have been in several classes together over the last year and we work very good together.

While we look forward to the new year, we also have some apprehensions. Our organization has had decreasing membership participation. The most disturbing issue is, that when individuals have joined in the past, they have only joined for the purpose of padding their resume. I bring this up, because as a new leader I am looking for any advice that all of the PR professionals out there may have to help us to generate some new life and excitement into our organization.

We are also hoping that some of you might suggest some great fundraising ideas that will push us in the right direction, while allowing us the opportunity to generate greater participation. While diong so we also want to let the members know how important they are to us. What are some suggestions from outside of the box (campus).

There was a time from 2000-2004 when the UTSA Chapter of PRSSA was recognized nationally. We would like to work towards being nationally recognized again and going further. We welcome any suggestions of how we can accomplish this goal. Part of how we can do this is by creating PR campaigns, press releases, and many of the other aspects that are included in Public Relations.

If there are any individuals who would be intersted in being mentors we would definitely be interested in hearing your suggestions and would greatly appreciate your mentorship.

If you have suggestions or are just simply interested in our organization feel free to contact me.

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