Wednesday, May 31, 2006

PRSA Tactics Online Runs Tribute to Marilyn Potts

John Elsasser, editor of PRSA Tactics, the national newsletter that comes to members of PRSA, ran the following article about Marilyn Potts, which appears on the front page of the PRSA Web site.

Thanks to John for thinking to include Marilyn and thanks to Mike Cherenson, Advocacy Chair for PRSA for letting me know about it.

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Eilene Kerley Wollslager, APR said...

Marilyn Potts was a friend, colleague and role model for me. We met in Wichita through Catholic Charities. When my family moved to San Antonio, I never dreamed that Marilyn would move there too.

Marilyn was a role model and mentor for me. She was a dedicated professional. Her ethical standards were beyond reproach. I am so sorry to learn of our loss. She was a great woman whose friendship and mentorship I will miss.