Sunday, April 22, 2007

Benefits of Podcasting

Next installment of "Learning about Social Media from Your Desk."

Eric Schwartzman of On the Record Online podcast fame posted a list of benefits of podcasting (supported by considerable research) on his blog, Spinfluencer (April 18, 2006 post).

• Podcasts allow listeners to time-shift and place-shift media consumption
• Podcasts are 100 percent efficient, since episodes are only downloaded by listeners on an opt-in basis
• Podcasts are easily accessible to a global audience that is not defined by geographic boundaries
• Podcasts are heard by a niche, influential audience
• Podcasts afford organizations the ability to leverage electronic programming without an outside news media filter
• Podcasts are the most cost effective electronic media distribution channel available

Then I created my own list from an organizational perspective, which echoes his.
• We can provide information quickly to targeted audiences.
• We can provide information directly to targeted audiences.
• We can make information more understandable and compelling through a verbal means.
• We can provide timely information to audience members who do not have time to read our print materials.
• We can expand on information contained in our printed and other communications.
• We can build a network of engaged audience members.
• We can further promote services.

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