Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sampling a Short Podcast

Next installment of "Learning about Social Media from Your Desk."

If you’ve been with this series from the beginning in January, then you’ve already listened to some podcasts. And I will soon suggest several others. But today, we’re going to look at one in particular. It is a podcast produced by Advertising Age, called the "Why It Matters" audio show. It is produced weekly, and is usually less than 10 minutes.

Your homework is to subscribe to this podcast and listen to at least two episodes.

One thing you’ll see is how a podcast can supplement a printed publication. It can also draw listeners to the printed or online publication.

You’ll also get to see the format of a professionally-produced podcast. By professional, I mean created by a large company likely with plenty of resources. Yet, there’s no fancy music lead in, no promotions and no advertising. It gets right down to business.

Many podcasts do use a touch of music for certain purposes, and others include a short promotion (several of the NPR podcasts do this to recognize a sponsor). But they are not intrusive if they want to keep their listeners.

For the Ad Age podcast, you can guess that there is a specific audience that doesn’t have time for pleasantries. This is the most significant fact about podcasts. They have extremely narrow audiences. In the old way of mass communications thinking, that’s a bad thing. But today, we understand the value of targeting our messages.

So listen to this one and share what you observe.

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