Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Understanding the Podcasting Listener

Next installment of "Learning about Social Media from Your Desk."

So if the first rule in communications is to know your audience, then here is a little info on podcast listeners.

• Podcast listeners expect authenticity and transparency.
• They expect informal style of conversation and not heavily polished productions.
• They refuse to be sold to.
• They will listen a long time if the content is interesting and relevant to them.
• They may pause and restart several times when listening to a single podcast.
• They will go back and listen to past episodes they missed.
• Regular listeners will feel part of a community, especially if they share feedback and it is included in the podcast.

You may find that your listeners are your most vocal advocates. They have gone out of their way to hear your message. They likely have networks of people who trust them.


Anonymous said...

I am not disputing your data on podcast listeners - but I am curious where it comes from? Measuring podcast listeners is a very difficult (if not impossible today) task.

Your information sounds logical to me - but does some research back it up?


Christie Goodman, APR said...

I should have been more clear that this is not based on any research I've done. It's based on what I've learned through general reading and from other communications podcasters (some of whom may have been quoting research). But it has been a helpful list to review with someone prior to interviewing them for my organization's podcast, since the interviewees often have never listened to a podcast.