Thursday, October 02, 2008

Social Media Cannot be Ignored

Live from the Seminar!
The big takeaway from Geoff's presentation today was you cannot ignore this medium of social media. Social media is categorized by its very nature as a COMMUNITY, not an AUDIENCE. This is a concept that is very difficult for many public relations practitioners to accept. But it is a message we must take back to our organizations, our CEOs, our nonprofits, our schools and our government agencies. Our stakeholders are online and we need to meet them online, on their terms, in their timeframe. Geoff is firmly entrenched in these communities and we can learn a lot from him.


Ann Q said...

A big "Amen" to that. If we ignore these stakeholders we will certainly fail or be overrun by those who take advantage of this communication and business tool.

Richie said...

Geoff is a great presenter. I can thank (blame) him for my initial steps into Social Media after he came to Fort Worth PRSA and spoke to our chapter. His book Now is Gone is definitely worth a read.

Geoff_Livingston said...

Thanks, Fran and Richie! It was great being in San Antonio today, as well as Ft. Worth earlier this year. There are so many great people getting engaged, I am sure the web will be a friendlier place for it.

agnes said...

First, before I explain that, let me start off by saying - the concept of Social Media is not new. That's right, the concept of what exactly social media is not new. The fancy term that has been coined "Social Media" and the new "Web 2.0" looks are what's new to this rather old advertising medium (old in terms of the internet that is). Social Media has been around since the inception of the Internet.



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Aftermarket Fairings said...

I learned something today. Thanks Agnes for the explanation. Can you refer or reccomend any link to read more about social media? Thanks.