Sunday, May 28, 2006

"Can It Be Done?"

"Can it be done?" That is the question that is on the lips of the Executive Board of the UTSA-PRSSA chapter. What we are talking about is the creation of a Student Run Public Relations Firm. We have a completely new executive board taking the helm of a chapter that has been under the radar blip for a couple of years now. We are all extremely excited. With this excitement comes big goals and ideas of how to accomplish them.

We held our first Executive Board meeting on May 19 and decided several key factors. The first being that our theme and mantra for 2006-2007 is, "Attitude Is Everything!" We chose this because in order for our general membership to become excited about the chapter they will need to see a much different attitude than has been seen in the past.

We have three goals for the coming year. First, we must increase new membership while improving retention of new and current membership. This will be done by each of the board members being very visible while encouraging all members to get involved on the UTSA campus.We will be sponsoring different workshops for our members and social events. Second, we will look to raise our fundraising goals while also gaining sponsorship through local public relations professionals and businesses. The reason for this is that we would like to have a delegation going to the 2006 PRSSA National Convention in Salt Lake City, Nov. 10-14. Third, we have a very doable goal of creating a Student Run Public Relations Firm and securing at least one client before I leave the post of president in May 2007.

If you are interested in assisting in sponsorship of fundraising donations, supplies or other items, feel free to contact Gregory Frieden by e-mail at

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