Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Rewards and Risks of Blogger Campaigns

So, we had the first ever Alamo City Blogger Meetup as a part of Hugh McLeod’s 100 Geek Dinners in 100 Days.

A campaign they have dubbed in their brochures, “Wine Blogging as Marketing Disruption.” We were first dinner (lunch) in that campaign, which also launched May 1, 2006.

The attendees were bloggers, former bloggers and blog readers located in San Antonio that make their living in public relations, high-tech fields and one retired public affairs professional turned scrapbooker.

A special thanks to Jason Korman at Stromhoek for providing the wine and the very impressive prints from Hugh that were numbered and signed. Also thanks to Alan Weinkrantz, a fellow PR blogger and San Antonian for co-hosting the event.

I used this special occasion to produce my first podcast. I used the free Audacity software and it is hosted at Evoca. To record the conversation I used my Olympus Digital Voice Recorder (wave format), not the best thing to use, but it was what I had and the quality is pretty okay for an on-site environment I think.

The show is 28 minutes in length, and we try to identify ourselves as we go so that you can follow. We are geeks and public relations professionals, so we talk about blogging as a PR strategy, the risks and the rewards.

LIsten right here on the site or Download the Podcast, to listen later. Once there, click on the "Alamo City Lunch Meetup" title and you will see a download button or use the RSS Feed to download directly to your iPod or computer.

Links to the Show:

Stormhoek Blogging Campaign, here and here.
Sprint Ambassador Program


See more photos of the event at Flickr.

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