Sunday, May 21, 2006

Knowing Where Your Audience Is

I just read a story by Tech Web about a new report by Nielsen/NetRatings showing that, in April, half of all web users visited a social networking site. Such sites include MySpace (with 38.4 million unique users) and Blogger by Google (with 18.5 million visitors). MySpace has had a growth rate of 367 percent in the last year. Other social networking sites include Classmates Online, YouTube and Microsoft's MSN Groups.

TechWeb stated, “The number of visitors to the top 10 social-networking sites soared in April, attracting nearly half of all Web users.” You can view the list of the top 10 at the Nielsen/NetRatings press room.

So, I’m thinking, if I have a defined audience that has access to the Internet, there’s a 47 percent chance they are visiting or even actively participating in an online social network. What does that say about my printed newsletter?

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