Friday, July 02, 2010

PR News Round-Up, July 2, 2010

From Bulldog Daily, By Terri Thornton, Owner, Thornton Communications
PR 101: How to Tick Off a Journalist in Four Easy Steps
It was three in the afternoon—an odd time to be asleep on a weekday—unless you're working overnights as a TV and radio reporter and producer, which I was. I answered, fearing an emergency. The caller said yes, it was an emergency! She insisted that the newsroom give her my home number because Jesus told her I needed to put an amateur gospel group on my morning show. While a God-fearing music-loving suburbanite wouldn't necessarily know better, it's surprising that otherwise great PR and marketing people put almost as much energy into making themselves ineffective. Here's how to do it wrong.

The Washington Post via Ragan PR Daily Newsfeed
10 mistakes organizations make with social media
Business reporter Steven Overly, of The Washington Post, says one of the top mistakes organizations make with social media is, “Doing too much at once.” He writes that simply creating a Facebook or Twitter account does not mean you are “plugged in.” Check out the other mistakes organizations make with social media, according to Overly. — Matthew Royse via Ragan PR Daily Newsfeed
The 75 most overused buzzwords and marketing cliches in press releases
PR pro Adam Sherk scoured a multitude of press releases to determine how often certain buzzwords and clich├ęs are used. Here are the top five, starting with No. 1: leader, leading, best, unique, and solution — and the list goes on and on. Read more.

Poynter Online via Ragan PR Daily Newsfeed
Speak IT: A handy glossary of tech terms
Not sure what the folks in your IT department are talking about? This story could help clear that up. The Poynter Institute published a glossary of tech terms. “They relate to Web standards, programming, online tools, social networking, online advertising, and basic technology. If you're particularly challenged, this thing called an iPhone is even defined for you.” (h/t Allan Schoenberg) Read more.

From iMedia Connection via SmartBrief on Social Media
How to engage the 1% of your fans who really matter
As many as a third of social sales are spurred by just 1% of a brand's online fan base, writes Jon Siegal, so identifying and targeting those influencers can pay big dividends. Forget splashy broad-gauge promotions, Siegal suggests, and focus instead on highly targeted campaigns designed to reach and reward your power-users. "Your key influencers are incredibly important, so make sure to treat them that way. By rewarding their loyalty, you'll reap more sales across the entire social web," he explains. Read more.