Wednesday, July 21, 2010

PR News Round Up ~ July 21, 2010

via SmartBrief on Social Media
How to avoid a social-media lawsuit
Social-media marketing and customer service can be a legal minefield, and companies need to stay alert, writes Indra Gardiner. Sharing copyrighted materials or failing to adequately protect your users' privacy can lead to serious legal problems, Gardiner warns. Convince & Convert (7/21) Read story.

From MediaPost via PR Daily
21 social media tips for your next event
David Berkowitz, senior director of emerging media and innovation at 360i, provides excellent tips for attendees, speakers, and event organizers about the use of social media at events. His advice for speakers: Stats and tools are more likely to get tweeted. His suggestions for attendees: Mention on at least one social network that you are attending the upcoming event. And for event organizers, he recommends they create a Twitter list of the event speakers. — Matthew Royse Read story.

By Paul Sutton via Ragan’s Daily Headlines
Not getting Twitter followers? Here are 10 key reasons why
Check out these all-too-common practices that almost beg people to unfollow or block you. Read story.

via SmartBrief on Social Media
10 strategies for promoting your brand on Facebook
Facebook has enormous potential for marketers, writes Kevin Gibbons, but it's easy to overlook the basic strategies needed for a successful campaign. Start with the obvious and build a brand page, he suggests, and focus on making it interesting and engaging for your fans. "If you're marketing a lively brand or product, don't make do with a dull standard Facebook page, make your landing page lively and interesting," he advises. (7/16) Read story.

via SmartBrief on Social Media
5 things every social-media policy should include
Every organization should have a written policy setting out its expectations of employees who use social media, says Wall Street Journal career columnist Alexandra Levit. The key is to be clear and not to take anything for granted, she says: define your terms, spell out precisely what you consider acceptable, and explicitly tell employees the kinds of information that should never be shared on social networks. SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Social Media (7/14) Read story.

via SmartBrief on Social Media
5 steps to successful social-media customer research
When the National Sleep Foundation wanted to boost literature sales without breaking the bank, digital director Suzette Gardner turned to social media to figure out what her customers really wanted. She advises casting a wide net, then building groups and starting conversations focused around the key issues you want to explore. SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Social Media (7/20) Read story.

From PR Daily
Attend the two-hour webinar that’s all about the Flip camera
Three speakers, two hours, tons of useful advice — and it will cost you only $99. Read more about this PR Daily webinar. Read story.

By Mickie Kennedy via Ragan’s Daily Headlines
7 PR do’s and don’ts for commenting on blogs
Commenting on other people's blogs—when done properly—has many upsides. Read story.

From YouTube via PR Daily
How to pitch the Associated Press
This two-minute video, produced by the AP and featuring two AP editors, explains in detail how to pitch a story to the Associated Press. The editors break down what makes for a good AP article and provide tips about the kind of art the AP wants. Although it appears this video was produced for reporters, it definitely applies to your next pitch. Consider this a must-watch.

From Mashable via PR Daily
6 tips for search optimizing your website
Making sure that your website is searchable is one of the most important parts of driving eyeballs to your site. Mashable co-editor Ben Parr highlights six best practices to make your website search-optimized. My favorite tip: Use the Hubspot tool, website grader, which gives you a report card on where your site stands. With a couple improvements, you are on your way to an “A” in search. — Matthew Royse Read story.

From PR Daily
17 social media sites to help you save time and money
A few months ago, PR Daily held a webinar that walked attendees through the most popular and powerful social media sites for communicators. The presenter, Pete Codella, is back with an updated version. Read more about it.
From Knowledge Enthusiast via PR Daily
7 ways to win friends and influence people on Facebook
Ever read How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie? It’s one of PR Daily contributor Matthew Royse’s favorite books. “It recently occurred to me,” he blogged, “that a lot of what he writes in the book applies to interactions on Facebook.” Royse offered seven ways you can use Carnegie’s advice for your client or company's Facebook presence. Good advice. Read story.