Tuesday, May 18, 2010

PR News Round Up - May 18, 2010

From Brian Solis
Report: Top 20 Brands on Twitter – April 2010
Brands are consistently among the most discussed subjects on Twitter and as such, studying the activity transpiring on Twitter gives us insight into size, scope, and scale. Once again, I partnered with PeopleBrowsr, the data mining, analytics, and brand engagement company, to mine and analyze the conversations defining the most discussed brands on Twitter. Read report.

From culpwrit (Cathleen Johnson)
Things I Wish I’d Known in College
Cathleen Johnson contributes the third part of a series stemming from a panel discussion involving successful women graduates of Northern Illinois University who were assembled by Denise Schoenbachler, Dean of the Business School, on the topic of: Lessons from the Front: If We’d Only Known this Back Then. Read story.

From Social Media Examiner
3 Ways to Use Facebook Insights to Your Advantage
As a business owner or marketer, knowing the profile of your target audience is extremely important. That’s step one, and all good marketing campaigns rely on the fact that you’ve got this figured out. If you’re using Facebook for business, there are some powerful tools at your disposal. Read story.

From chewitt's Blog (via Ragan.com)
Tips for naming your white paper
You put so much effort into writing and designing that white paper, so why cheat on the title? A MyRagan-ite offers advice on how to write a snazzy title for your premium content. Read story.

From Lindsey Miller (via Ragan.com)
3 ways nonprofits use Flip video for a wide array of topics
Academic and government communicators tout the camcorders’ ease of use and low cost. Read story.

From "Moving at the Speed of Creativity" (Wesley Fryer)
Web-based, Open Source Project Management Software Options
I'm looking for a free and possibly open source web-based, project management software solution Storychasers can run on our own server with a mySQL database backend, to coordinate the assorted details associated with Celebrate Oklahoma Voices 2.5 day digital storytelling workshops. The solution I'm looking or is web-based / cross-platform, permits project "templates" to be created and shared with multiple users, and has a shallow learning curve… WikiPedia has a helpful comparative matrix of project management solution options, and includes 7 open source choices which appear to meet our requirements. Read story.