Thursday, May 27, 2010

PR News Round Up - May 27, 2010

From SmartBrief on Social Media
Facebook launches new privacy controls
Facebook has introduced a set of privacy controls that it hopes will finally lay to rest lingering anger regarding its use of user data. The tools replace the site's old privacy controls, which had about 150 different options, with the option of using a single switch to restrict access to personal information to a user's immediate network. "We probably should have been more sensitive to this issue beforehand," says CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

From The Measurement Standard by Katie Delahaye Paine
I'm 100% Convinced that 50% of PR and Social Media Metrics Are Wrong
...and if this was accounting, you'd be in jail.
I’m convinced that most marketers and communications professionals are cheerfully going through life with blinders on. Those blinders are made out of a flimsy gauze of questionable accuracy, incomplete variables, and general apathy. Today’s marketers have taken “fuzzy math” to an all new level. No one seems to mind about this sloppy work because it’s “just PR” or “just marketing.” Well I'm here to tell you it's your job and our industry, and our credibility is on the line. The only way we in PR and communications can be credible is to at least attempt to base our decisions on reliable, complete, and accurate data. Click here to read more.

From Copyblogger
73 ways to become a better writer
Here are some quick tips to help you become a better writer. For instance, tip No. 22 says, “Go back and cut 10 percent of your word count”; tip No. 60 says, “Read Zinsser’s On Writing Well at least once a year.” Good advice. More

From PRSA (Voice of Public Relations)
Silver Anvil Awards Podcast Series: Creating a World with More Birthdays
The PRSA 2010 Silver Anvil Awards podcast series features finalists from this year's program… Listen in as Deb Radman, APR, PRSA Fellow, speaks with the American Cancer Society’s Amy Swygert, vice president of strategic communications planning and Greg Donaldson, national vice president of corporate communications, about the “Create a World with More Birthdays” campaign. More